Tips to Avoid Failure in CLAT/KLEE/LLB English Language

Tips to Avoid Failure in CLAT/KLEE/LLB English Language

Tips to Avoid Failure in CLAT/KLEE/LLB English Language

Tips to Avoid Failure in CLAT/KLEE/LLB English Language

One of the great things about the KLEE competitive exams is the focus on English language skills. Delving into this section is very important for each student. A little bit of planned preparation will go a long way in scoring high marks here.  

A very effective way to begin is to aim for perfection in the usage of sentences. This in turn, needs to be preceded by the invisibility of errors during sentence creation. That’s half the battle already won for scoring high in KLEE / CLAT   English section.

Is it “easier said than done”? Not at all!

The given adage, at least in this scenario, has peripheral meaning. A proper usage of phrases and words will lead to right sentence formation It will thereby, put to rest, worries of incorrect and ambiguous paragraphs. Many a time, a well-intended line, may simply fail to carry right message to the reader. The entire language content will sound incoherent.

So, a little care given to error elimination, ensures near to complete scoring, in English language section of the KLEE Entrance examination. Just remember, this is about 90 marks on a platter! Why loose it? 

Creating a right sentence on paper is accuracy redefined. It is crystal clear communication to the receiver. There is no scope for ambiguity. Needless to say, errors should not be allowed to creep in. There is a structured pattern that has to be followed for this. Deviation from the same is not an option. Not by any chance!

Such a pattern or steps as mentioned above, calls for understanding of English language grammar usages. In other words, the technical aspect of the English language and its proper placement. Only this will lead to error free sentences. It then becomes easy to adorn such language with content richness. The KLEE exam preparation strategy has to revolve around this.

So, what exactly is the grammar terms that one needs to know?  What else should be given due attention? Law entrance online coaching centers help you to understand these key points.

The key points may be listed down as follows –

1. To begin with, no spelling mistakes or punctuation errors. It is the cardinal rule. Everything else comes after that. A house needs sound architectural design. Only after that, its aesthetics is considered.

2. Next comes the grammatical elements. These are – noun verb, adjectives, pronoun, articles, propositions. It is necessary to know about each one of them and its usage.

3. It can be complex and literature rich sentences. Or it can be simple lines without much ado. In both the scenarios, proper placement of mentioned elements is the key to error free sentences.

4. Noun in each sentence and its identification is core.

5. The verb indicates the state of something happening.  Accordingly, it has to be placed in tandem with the subject. Subsequently comes right usage of the verb tense.  

6. The noun and the verb should be in correct form. The concept of parallelism with both noun and verb is a must. Similar elements have to be grammatically equivalent.

7. As far as the participle is concerned, it should have the right linkage with the subject.

8. Proper and correct placement of adjectives and articles in every sentence.

9. Selecting the right set of pronouns is very important in each sentence. It calls for clear linkage to the related noun.

10. Equally important is the proper placement of prepositions in sentences.

On the face of it, grammar element nuances, may not be a necessary pre-requisite always.  Literature rich language is more important. This at least would be the argument of those who believe only in the power of vocabulary & are Kerala’s best online law entrance online coaching institutions. However, the right technical usage of words in a sentence is the only way to create error free language. Then go for the content part. This sequential focus should be the gospel for each and every KLEE aspirant and that’s exactly what Law entrance online coaching centers focus on in their course works.