When will KLEE Exams be Conducted?

When will KLEE Exams be Conducted?


There is a lot of uncertainty as regards the KLEE exam dates, and law entrance aspirants keep on enquiring, when is the KLEE/ CUSAT exam going to happen? Is the notification for KLEE already published? The dates are not yet announced and we can just have a look at the previous year’s dates.

  • In 2020 the Three-year Klee exam date was 20th June.
  • The five-year KLEE Exam date for 2020 was 22nd June.
  • In 2019 The Three-Year KLEE exam date was June 9th
  • And five-year exam date was June 8th.
  • In 2018 the Three-year KLEE exam date was September 8th
  • And Five-year KLEE exam date was August 19th

Going by the pattern of the last two years, the exams may happen anytime in June second or third week.  The notification usually comes in April considering the last two year’s pattern.. But this year, so far it has not come. The primary reason is of course, the on-going Covid pandemic. The second wave and its uncontrollable infection numbers has put a lot of academic exam dates into uncertainty. This includes KLEE also.

Students preparing for their 5 years as well as 3-year KLEE entrance through Kerala’s best online  Law Entrance Coaching centers for CLAT/KLEE/Law Entrance exams/ Jobsecura have started to become mildly anxious on the notification and final exam date announcement.  The majority of them are from the Kerala State Syllabus board.  They have to balance their plus two exam studies with such competitive exams.

There is also a worry on date clash with the CLAT exams. However, lets be very plain to all students that chances for this are almost nil.  Exam date for CLAT 2021 is June 13th.  Once the KLEE notification comes, its dates can be either a week before or a couple of weeks after CLAT exam.

Another factor is the postponement of the CBSE 12th exams.  The due dates will be announced by the board on June 1st 2021 after reviewing the overall Covid situation.  So there is also a possibility, this year that the exams may happen after the CBSE 12th exams.

So, all in all, lots of if’s and but’s circulating around on the proposed exam dates. It may not be a major worry factor. However, some level of distraction is bound to happen. The reason is that every KLEE aspirant has to keep their eyes and ears open constantly.  Normally, there is a 2-week window frame for online submission of the exam application. It is our inference that in the current year also, this time frame window will be untouched. With some luck, it may be 3 weeks also.   But let’s not count on that as a surety.

Our request to all KLEE exam students – please be completely ready on the documentation part.  We had mentioned this earlier also. KLEE entrance through Kerala’s Best Online  Law Entrance Coaching centres for CLAT/KLEE/Law Entance exams/ Jobsecura can help you get prepared for these examsThe minute notification comes, one should have everything in hand to scan and upload on the website.  If you have friends or relatives already having given the KLEE entrance, please take their help in this regard.   We at Job Secura are also there to guide you.

Now comes the most important part- preparing for the exam itself. Please consider the uncertainty on the dates as the best blessing in disguise. Just put all this aside and prepare with single track focus on passing the exam. That needs to be the one and only goal. Starting early is the key to success and will enable every KLEE aspirant to master all the sections in the exams. Touch and go is not the solution. Vigorous practice is required for each one of the sections.

Besides starting early and exhaustive preparation, there is one more aspect – systematic mentoring and guidance.    Job Secura has 12 years plus of proven track record in training more than 2000 students of KLEE and CLAT exams.  Many of our students have secured admissions to top law colleges in Kerala and outside. At the first level we will guide through experienced instructor led classes. Then back up through our Law Eminence study app.

Begin your preparations for the possible June 2021 KLEE/ CUSAT exams. Our new batch is starting on May 1st 2021.



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